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Cause of Death: Cancer

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Pat was my "First Love/Boyfriend" in the 1st grade. When I was dating someone in high school, Pat asked me to the Band Banquet. My boyfriemd/husband had no problems with it because he knew we knew each other forever and was always friends. Showing the kind of friendship we had, he and Carolyn came to my husband memorial service, coming from Austin. That was the kind of person he was, always caring.
Janet Goodwin Autry 7/28/2013 9:58:14 PM

You rocked! Pat sent me the sweetest note after our 20th high school reunion - thanking the committee for the great work ...we had the current B A band and drill team in full force. But, he mainly wanted to thank us for bringing him back together with the love of his life! Patti Botcher Ward
Unknown 7/19/2013 2:44:39 PM

Gosh, when I think about Pat so many fun memories come flooding back. Pat wasn't just a "band" guy - he could run in any circle and be respected for what he brought: a delightful and devilish sense of humor; a caring heart; a ready hand and a willingness to work hard. Never saw him be unkind or uncaring to anyone for that matter. Those things are so rare in our world and they were instinctual, integral parts of Pat.
Karen Ekiss-Minton 7/18/2013 10:22:20 AM

The video of the R. T. Hill band reminded my of another story about Pat that shows a different aspect. Our band director (the one in the video) never seemed to show up when we had a nighttime band party and we always wondered why. We had a night time stage band performance scheduled and the band director didn't show up. Pat stepped up and said we would continue on our own and he would direct us. When Pat went to find a baton he found that the band director's desk was full of empty vodka bottles, so we had a pretty good idea why he never showed up to nighttime events. Pat did as he said and lead us to a successful performance, so while Pat could be a prankster he was also a leader.
Laura Fowler 6/9/2013 9:51:06 PM

Pat never worried about getting in a little trouble, but he walked that fine line such that he didn't get into "real trouble". I remember one of his pranks he pulled in junior high school. Drugs were starting to get more prevalent and Pat took some aspirins and used food coloring to dye them different colors. He let it be known he had some "pills" in his sax case. It wasn't too long before word made it to the Principal's office. Several people including the Principal came down to the band room to find the offending drugs and of course Pat was taken to the Principal's office. He wasn't there too long before they figured out that the pills were just aspirins. I'm sure that Pat "got a talking to", but I don't think there were any lasting repercussions. The Principal was not well respected by the students or the faculty, so just about everyone else in the school enjoyed the prank.
Laura Fowler 6/9/2013 10:09:00 AM

You know why I could still play a simple tune on a clarinet today? Because of all that nasty public showering in P.E. at Gaston.
Craig Weeks, January, 2012

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