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In Memoriam

Date of Death: 11/16/2011

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We were not close friends while at BA but, our paths crossed at Mather AFB when Karl and Cindy were stationed there with my husband and I. We lost touch over the years of Karl's career. However the memories we shared - even briefly - lent a good beginning to my introduction to life as the wife of an Air Force officer. My sincere condolences to Cindy and Family. And, my thanks for Karl's service to our Country. GOD's Peace.
Charlotte-Marie Smith Callins 9/7/2013 3:22:54 PM

Wonderful guy who wore his ROTC uniform with dignity and pride. I will forever be grateful that Facebook allowed me to "know" him better than I did at B.A. May his rest be eternal in heaven.
Becky Matthews Cloetta 7/22/2013 1:07:14 PM

From the minute my mother met Karl, she wanted me to date him (sorry Cindy). She always thought he was so smart and so handsome. Turns out she was right; he was the best looking man at the 30th reunion and she gloated when I told her so. I always knew him to be a great guy and I know he is missed by many.
Robin Judy 5/10/2013 9:13:19 PM

Karl and I were rivals back at BA--we both competed for appointments to the Air Force Academy, but were both lucky enough to attend. Although Karl didn't stay at the Academy, he helped me get through that first tough semester, and we became good friends. Years later, after Karl retired from the Air Force, I hired him to be the Air Force college admissions representative for BA--coming full-circle from that Air Force officer who first helped us get in. Karl was a good man--I'll miss him.
John Visser 8/23/2012 2:38:48 PM

What a great guy! He was always willing to lend a hand, and I had just seen him at a recent 40th Reunion Planning Meeting when weeks later he passed away. Cindy, I know you know how lucky you were to have such a good man.
Jan Campbell 1/20/2012 8:06:23 PM

Wow lots of great fun:! So many good people that I hung out with ,beginning with Hexter Elementary, Hill Lassies ,BA Spirits /Belles. The fun began at RBHill in Tri-HighY !! What a close group we were :we knew each other's parents, sibs. Cruisin' with: Susan (Harve) in her Yellow VW ‘beetle' ;Debo in front seat. MD 20-20 Chinese Firedrills. In Valerie's gold Camaro : & Per-Tricia we would sing Chuck Berry . Til we were hoarse . What a thrill performing at the games: I remember Belles going to Washington DC to March at Nixon's inauguration. my dad & Lisa's dad were ‘chaperones'. The science Symposium was great , Honor Society , Human Relations Committee ( recalling some classmates were “bussed” to BA : went smoothly by the way. Sr Assembly or (talent show )wasgreat fun: that band that played .. Grateful for the foundation that BA gave me .
Elaine Estes, September, 2018

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