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The Reunion is 1 Month Away!!
Don Titus  |  Friday, September 8, 2023 7:4:56

BA Class of 73 50th Reunion

If you are planning to attend, please make note of the following:

When: Saturday, October 7th from 7:00-11:00

Where: Gilley’s 1135 Botham Jean Blvd. (South Larmar) 75215 Parking is available onsite. If you are unable to climb stairs, let the security guard know at the door and he will escort you to the elevator.

What: Buffet Dinner available from 7:30-9:30. Cash Bar

Dress:  VERY Casual

Cost:  $100 per person if purchased online or by mailing a check; $120 per person if purchased at the door 

If you are still thinking about attending the reunion, please get in your money ASAP.  If you have any questions, contact us at baclassof73.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

How to Pay: 

Use PayPal by going to our website: baclassof73.com. Log on to the site and click on the PayPal link.


 You can write a check to BA Class of 73 and mail it to: 10122 Lake Gardens Dallas, TX 75218

Hope to see you October 7th at Gilley’s!

The Reunion Committee

Best memories, Mr. Malone's Architecture class, how could I not love that class? I was one of 3 girls in all guy class. The drive in movies or any chance to get in a car and drive anywhere. Getting to school early to sit in the parking lot or go to the cafeteria and play cards. Guys with the old cars, Rick Lowe had a pink 57 Chevy, loved that car. Prom in 72 and Mad dog 20 20. Football Pep rallies and that 71 drum line rocked it. I still have the band album from 71. My best friends Barbara & Debbie and leaving school to go to Taco Bell in Barbara's "Volkswagen Thing" for lunch.
Cindy Ball, April, 2012

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Presented specifically for graduates of Bryan Adams High School, Dallas, TX of 1973

We also welcome graduates of area high school in and around 1973, former classmates at Hill and Gaston Junior High Schools

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