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Email Groups Set Up
Don Titus  |  Sunday, June 30, 2019 19:36:33

Throughout the years, we have all thought of various ways to keep in touch with our classmates, especially classmates we shared times with during high school.  This came up again recently when band members expressed an interest to communicate Band Alumni activities with fellow band members so we have created 5 List Groups that will allow you to communicate directly with each other.  We have created the following email list groups: 

Simply send an email to any of the groups above you would like to be part of with the word "Subscribe" in the subject line and you will automatically become a member of that group.  Once a member - you can then send an email that will then be forwarded to all members of that group as well as receive all emails other members of the group send out.  You can leave the group at any time by sending an email with the word "Unsubscribe" in the subject line.  If we've forgotten any group, please let us know and we can create new List Groups.  There is also a "sign up" process currently on the Home Page of the class website, www.baclassof73.com - simply click on the group above you wish to join, enter your email address and you're all set.

Hello Classmates! Suzanne Osborne and I bought a six pack of beer, fritos and bean dip. We sat in front of BA the week after we graduated and sang the alma mater as we finished all three delicious items!! Remember Suzanne? I picked her up every morning for Belle practice. I would lay on the horn because she was always late coming out of the house. Harold, her dad said that as soon as we graduated he was going to shoot me!! I loved Judy Roses's house on Sundays! Her mom made chicken and dumplings over mashed potatoes!! If I ever wanted to go somewhere I knew my dad would not approve of, I just said I was going to Mary Jayne Turbeville's house! My dad said she was my only nice friend that was not into mischief!! He was right! OK this is so bad but girls do you remember our bus trip to Galveston in Gaston and what we called the bus driver??? Rosemary Lalamia, your mom was brave to go with us!! I still try and do the high kick from Belles!! I cant do it but I try! Loved the Dairy -Ette! They have t-shirts now! Dan Drake and Ron Ham would ride their banana bikes up there and meet us for lunch! Loved the donut shop in Casa Linda!! I ate six after practice all the time!!
Vicki Plunk, August, 2013

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