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Wow! So many of them...I'll come back when my memory is better. I can only hope that my memory is better soon. Gym Suits - be sure and take out the elastic that goes across your back No air conditioning, and therefore transoms above the classroom doors (since the ceilings had not been lowered yet) so Asuka Nakahara could "stunt" me through the opening into our calculus classroom to unlock the door after lunch so we would not be tardy to our next class Slumber parties on the weekends where we would "sneak out" to "roll" someone's house...OMG if I ever have a grandchild do that, I'll be worried sick! Going "riding around" through the Dairy Queen and Pizza Ghetti at Ferguson and Lakeland Girls could not wear pants to school our sophomore year unless we had on a "pantsuit." However, our dresses were allowed to be short enough that we couldn't even bend over to get a drink at the water fountain without...well, you know. Great teachers, great friends, great times!
Jan Campbell, January, 2012

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